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In summary MGS will provide client companies that use our marketing service with:

  • A dedicated, trained and industry experienced, marketing professional who will work as a one of the staff at your company's premises one day a week / one day a fortnight. (Off site services can be arranged if more appropriate for smaller member companies).
  • A telephone and email based marketing service designed to open the door to new sources of traditional tender, to develop business relationships and solicit competitive tender opportunities on behalf of your company, networking existing contacts and follow up of past clients; when necessary setting up of confidence building appointments.
  • Introductory correspondence prepared; ready to be signed by for your company and sent off to new prospects with any available marketing material - If a company does not have marketing material we can either work around it or help produce something in-expensive but appropriate. (MGS are not involved setting up websites or creating social media networks etc.).
  • A bespoke computer database of prospects developed specifically for your company that will also provide a record of all calls to prospects and a diary of our planned future proposed follow up action or scheduled opportunities identified.
  • A daily written report of calls made and the success achieved along with market intelligence gleaned.
  • Briefing notes providing a complete call history ahead of attending confidence building meetings to ensure you are full briefed.

Is this truly a fixed rate service or will I pay have to pay commission as well?.

This is genuinely a fixed price service based on a daily rate. You pay only for the days that we work. Further we only work 48 weeks of the year as we consider the three weeks over Christmas and New Year and one week at Easter to be of no value to your business.

How can I measure the service as being cost effective?

With only a 5% mark up on your business less than £380,000 of additional business per annum would cover the entire cost of MGS working for your company for the whole year and for most construction related companies, in most geographic areas, MGS are confident that we would far exceed break even for our clients. For small companies where we work off site or only one day a fortnight breakeven can be as low £180,000 of new business.

Our progress can be monitored each day we work through the written report provided summarising calls made and feed back received.

Will my competitors be using the same marketer as I am?

Absolutely not. The MGS marketer is assigned to your company on a strict non-compete policy – meaning the MGS marketer working for you will be not be working for your competitors. The Chinese walls operated by MGS ensure that you get the synergy of a marketer working within other areas of the construction industry but for your security they will not be working for anybody in competition with you neither do MGS put the marketer into, a similar or competitor company, after they work for you, for at least six months. Nor does the marketer bring a database with them from another company - every database of prospects is tailor made from scratch for each individual client.

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Will the MGS marketer be experienced in my business?

The MGS marketer is a professional, trained and industry experienced in opening doors and laying the foundations for a future successful business relationships. By working in your offices, as part of your team, they will have all the experience necessary on hand. On some occasions it may be necessary to transfer a telephone call with a prospect to another member of your staff to address a specific technical issue.

How long do I have to sign up to this service for?

The MGS contract for its traditional / off site marketing service is open ended and can be terminated at any time by giving one months notice in writing unless there is good reason not to. Clients can use our service for as long or as short a period as they require.

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Does MGS provide a guarantee of results?

No, MGS are not in a position to guarantee results as different companies measure results differently and such results often involve several elements beyond our control such as competitive pricing, reputation, attending meetings, corporate image, completion of PQQs and industry acceptable policies.

If we do not want a MGS marketer in our office can we still use the service?

Yes. All MGS marketers are set up to provide services off site. In such an event the client will still receive exactly the same standard of service.

Who are the construction industry allied trades?

These are the subcontractors, of the main / general contractors – and consultants (architects / surveyors) - basically any company that must enter into competitive tender / fee-bid to secure new business and is involved in the construction industry.

Can MGS help me with PQQs

Yes. MGS offers an off site service for the completion of pre qualification questionnaires totally separate from the traditional / off-site marketing services we provide.