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MGS offers four services to assist companies to open the door to new sources of tender opportunity, to lay the foundation of a successful future relationship and to build on that foundation in order to secure repeat tenders.


Traditional Service

MGS provide an industry experienced marketer who will work for the client company, in their company name, from their company premises as if they were a member of their company staff; either one day a week or one day a fortnight (frequency is usually dependent upon size of company but is always agreed with the client company in advance and can be adjusted at any time at the company’s request). The MGS marketer is not a consultant, they do not tell the client what to do but instead they actually do the marketing for the company. The MGS marketer will: develop a database of contacts for the company maintaining a complete call history, open the door to new prospects, follow up old clients and network off current contacts, introduce the company -producing letters and emails as required, set up confidence building appointments and pursue tender opportunities as well as following up on tender submissions. The MGS marketer will pursue exactly the type and size of project your company is seeking, in your geographic area with the type of prospect your company want to be doing business with. At the end of each day worked your company is provided with a written report summarising the calls made and success achieved as well as passing back valuable market intellingence / information gleaned in the industry sector that will facilitate the making of informed decisions about the future of the company’s business.


Off-Site Service

For companies with a low turnover, or where it is not practical for the marketer to work at the offices of the client company, MGS is able to provide a off site service (at a reduced rate intended to help the smaller company grow by keeping costs down) – this off-site service is limited to one day a fortnight and is provided by an experienced MGS marketer operating away from the client company’s premises. (NB. By experienced MGS mean that the marketer will have previously worked on site for a client company and proven their ability and trustworthiness). Apart from the fact that the marketer is not based at the company’s premises the service is as near possible identical to the Traditional Service outlined above.


E Tender / OJEU Services

MGS is able to offer companies assistance with the completion and follow up of Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ) that must be completed in order for a company to have a chance of securing a place on the tender list for public sector projects and term contracts under an E tender process. In addition MGS is able to provide a monitoring service for advertised opportunities and the submission of expressions of interest (Automatically included in the MGS Traditional Service for E tender opportunities but excludes OJEU advertised contracts).


Marketing Training    

For companies who are already employing their own marketing personnel (either part time or full time) MGS can provide a one day seminar based on the training provided to the MGS marketers and on our 20 years of experience marketing in the construction industry. The seminar “Effective Marketing for the Construction Industry and Allied Trades” is exclusive and bespoke to the needs of your company – no other companies will share the seminar day and you can have as many or as few delegates attend the day as you like (generally companies put between one and four persons on the course). The day is charged at a set rate regardless of how many delegates attend with lunch included. At the end of the day delegates are provided with a certificate of attendance providing they attend the full day. The training can be undertaken on your company's own premises if a suitable room is available or MGS will provide a suitable venue close to your company’s location.

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