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“MGS” is a specialist marketing company that works exclusively for companies operating in the construction industry and allied trades – from architects and surveyors through the sub contract trades to main contractors. MGS can offer its services to companies where ever they are based in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The fore runner of today’s successful business was Charis Sales & Marketing Limited whose business was absorbed by MGS in 2005 giving us in excess of 20 years experience working with the construction industry. What all MGS client companies have in common is that they must get on to a tender short list in order to have an opportunity of securing the contract for their services. MGS client companies will generally have turnovers between £300K and £30 million (although services are available to companies with lower and higher turnovers) and are looking to grow their business, recover lost turnover or just ensure a continued flow of new business opportunities.

Market Generation Services Limited traditional marketing service will:

Assign your company a trained industry experienced marketer to work for your business, in your offices, one day each week (one day a fortnight in smaller companies), to work for you as if they were an employee (without the expense or headaches of another employee) so as to appear that your company handles its own business development professionally. For small businesses and where it is not possible for the MGS marketer to work at your offices a similar marketing service can be provided off-site.

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In conjunction with you the MGS marketer will agree and target industry sectors your company wants to be receiving contracts from and for whom you are not already working, or existing / past clients from whom you are not currently receiving tenders; through cold call and net working.

Work in your company name to contact and develop a database of prospects that you want to be doing business with, recording the call history and a creating a schedule of follow up action (that the MGS marketer will attend to) on your computer; on designated software.

Principally using telephone and email the MGS marketer will do the leg work to identify the true decision makers within target companies / authorities or organisations, who are responsible for sending out tenders and letting the contract thereafter; as well as identifying planned programs of opportunities.

Prepare and send out professional letters / emails to introduce your company.

Follow up letters / emails, laying the foundations and building future successful relationships and seeking all important confidence building appointments for your company to further develop working relationships.

At the end of each day worked the MGS marketer will supply a written report summarising the days contacts, likely tenders and contract opportunities.

Brief you verbally providing valuable feed back and market information that can provide real value to help future decision making processes.

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Over the last decade companies that used to work for the public sector and won business by competitive tender have seen opportunities dry up through: the use of the PQQ process to select tender short lists, Partnering / Frame Agreements; offered via OJEU (Official Journal of The European Union)and E tendering. It is a fact that 80% of companies that historically worked in the public sector winning business before the introduction of Pre Qualification Questionnaires cannot get on the tender list these days. For many companies this is because they do not understand how they can improve their score.

Market Generation Services Limited E-Tender Service will:

  • Work with your company to set up supporting documents electronically and compile suitable material for use in representing your company; subject to a set up fee / annual renewal fee.
  • Assist your company by completing Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) on your behalf.
  • If needed, provide separate monitoring of OJEU notices and / or E-Tender alerts if MGS are not providing an on-site marketing service (available to any company regardless of industry) – This service is subject to a 12 month contract.

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MGS recognises that many companies already have direct employed personnel involved in the marketing function. However, many of these employees will have had no real training in how to market effectively or they lack a basic knowledge about the construction industry and where to secure opportunities when coming from a telemarketing background.

Market Generation Services Limited Training will:

  • Provide your company with seminar style training in “Effective Marketing for the Construction Industry and Allied Trades ” based on the training given to MGS marketers before they are assigned to clients.
  • Provide MGS training on an exclusive basis to your company (Meaning no other companies will be attending) for a set daily rate; for as many employees as you want to attend.
  • Provide MGS training on your premises if a suitable room is available otherwise will provide a suitable venue local to your company. Lunch is provided for delegates by MGS and delegates completing the full day receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the training day.

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